Former MP Kipoi Extradited from Botswana, to Face Treason Charges

Former Bubulo West MP, Nsubuga Kipoi (2nd L) and Robert Kitale (2nd R) arriving at Entebbe airport on Saturday

Former Bubulo West Member of Parliament, Tonny Nsubuga Kipoi has Saturday arrived in Uganda after he was extradited by Botswana for offenses relating to fraud.

The former legislator was last month arrested and charged by courts in Botswana with obtaining money by false pretense and illegally staying in the country.

He reportedly disguised himself as a witchdoctor and defrauded four Botswanan ladies of money equivalent to Shs 111.6 million in the period between May 2017 and January this year.

He faces several other accusations including hoodwinking unsuspecting clients that he had magical powers to grant them wealth, marriage partners and good jobs. But the victims includimg Silvia Nonofo Mmutlwane, Tshepo Mogomotsi and Thabea Kebalese Modisapoo all Botswanan nationals would later discover they were duped by Kipoi.

On Saturday morning, Kipoi, also fugitive was delivered at Entebbe Airport at around 10.20 am from Botswana following successful negotiations by Uganda’s External Security Organisation (ESO) to have him extradited to face charges here in Uganda. He and an accomplice identified as Robert Kitale were declared personal non grata and deported by authorities in Botswana.

Back in Uganda, the former MP has pending court cases relating to treason and human trafficking that were slapped against him six years ago. He was accused of recruiting youths to forms a military group in Congo to topple President Yoweri Museveni.

However, shortly after Kipoi had been released on bail, he fled the country and would later settle in Botswana.

He is expected to again face the military court to stand trial for treason.

Police Spokesperson, SSP Emilian Kayima said that Kipoi and Kitale will be detained at Nalufenya police detention facility in Jinja district awaiting arrangements to finalize with preparations to take him back to court.

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