French Businesses Set to Visit Uganda to Explore Investment Opportunities

French Ambassador to Uganda, Jules-Armand Aniambossou (L) with President Museveni recently.

A French business delegation of more than 25 companies will visit Uganda in a bid to explore business opportunities, create partnerships for trade and investment in Uganda.

According to a statement by the French Embassy in Uganda, the business delegation will be in the country for two days from November 25 to 26.

The business trip is an initiative of MEDEF International – the French Business Confederation which represents MEDEF and its 170,000 member companies and 10 million employees

It is also supported by Ugandan authorities, the Uganda embassy in Paris and the French embassy in Kampala.

This delegation will be led by Momar Nguer, Chairman of the Africa Committee of MEDEF International and President Marketing & Services and member of the Executive Committee of Total.

The delegation will encompass the major opportunities and challenges at stake in the country. The French companies are eager to develop their activities, partnerships and investments in Uganda. 

They represent a large range of sectors: transports, infrastructure, industrial projects, aeronautics, utilities, logistics, energy (including renewable energy), ICT, water management, banking and financial services, service to government, among others.

During a two-day program, the French business leaders will have the opportunity to meet with the highest Ugandan authorities and many business leaders, with the support of MEDEF International’s counterpart, the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU).

Ugandan’s economy is developing at a fast pace, as growth reached 6% in 2018, and should maintain this level for the coming years.

Many opportunities exist for the French private sector, especially through the “Vision 2040” promoted by the Uganda government and the large projects that are related in various sectors.

The strong population growth, with 47 million projected in 2025 and 63 million in 2030, is therefore a huge challenge for the country.

The French companies are convinced of the great Uganda’s economic potential and investment opportunities.

They are committed to initiate more and strong win-win partnership opportunities between French and Ugandan companies and to contribute to achieving long-term development objectives and growth.

To achieve these goals, the French companies offer high value technologies, transfer of technologies and capacity building, project engineering, socially responsible practices and sustainable development solutions.

The visit of the MEDEF International delegation demonstrates the confidence of the French private sector in the French-Ugandan partnership and their will to strength further the quality of the relationship in a conducive business climate for foreign investors.

The French Ambassador to Uganda, Jules-Armand Aniambossou recently met with President Yoweri Museveni and reaffirmed the commitment of France to strengthen further the cooperation between the two countries especially in the economic sector.

He commended Museveni for his commitment to the sector of investments in Uganda adding that it is very important for Uganda to work for the growth and expansion of the business opportunities in collaboration other key players.

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