God Alerted Me to the Threat of Coronavirus but I Decided not to Prophesy it – Elvis Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Zoe Ministries’ leader Prophet Elvis Mbonye has said that God revealed to him the looming threat of Corona Virus way back in January.

In a video that has gone viral in Uganda, Prophet Mbonye says he decided not to prophesy the revelation as he took an earlier decision to reveal only that he deems “will minister” to his followers.

“When I got this prophesy about this (pandemic) that we are facing, I thought to myself, won’t followers think that it is a virus just like many others in China,” the Prophet  said.

Pastors and Prophets who claim they have powers to heal the sick have been challenged by Ugandans on social media to intervene and heal the world of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Before Uganda registered a case of Covid-19, social media commentators joked that should pastors be challenged to heal the world of the deadly virus,  the pastors would claim the rest of the world is not part of their jurisdiction (Uganda).

Several other Ugandans wondered why the Ugandan prophets did not alert the country of the imminent threat of the virus by way of a prophesy.


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