Govt Attributes Spate of Kidnappings, Murders to Social Media Hype, Drug Abuse

Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo has attributed the latest spate of criminality involving kidnappings and murders, to social media hype and increased drug abuse among the youths.

The Minister made the remarks Thursday in a statement while responding to concerns raised by Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Zaake regarding the current security situation in the country.

Gen. Odongo began by saying that there is no society Uganda inclusive that is totally crime-free, adding however that the duty of government and security agencies is to minimize the occurrence of crime which is precisely being done.

“Secondly, on the balance, the security situation is relatively good. The apparent bad situation is actually a social media hype. There are many good acts that the security agencies have achieved but are not talked about. But when one bad incident occurs, it makes rounds in the social media and creates the impression that the situation is so bad,” Odongo said.

Odongo said that security agencies have tried to understand what drives the new trend and have concluded that the push factors include politics, drug abuse and recidivism.

“The greatest success of the NRM government has been and is, among others, its ability to provide security of person and property to Ugandans. Our population understands and appreciates this. This is why the population has always voted in the NRM so that it can continue to guarantee their security. Many detractors of NRM know this and are now attempting to create the impression that the NRM has failed to provide security,” Odongo said.

Odongo said security has noted that there is a perceptible increase of drug abuse particularly among the youths which abuse unduly influences their behavior patterns.

“Recidivism is a term that refers to a situation where an individual has served his jail term and when released, they again commit a crime and are once again jailed.”

Odongo said that during the same analysis, security agencies also carried out a self-examination and analysis and established that there is a need for self-rectification.

“For example, we are going to improve our 999 and fixed line call system so as to improve our contact with the population and our response time. We shall also improve our command levels for both the LDU units as well as at police station level. We are going to improve monitoring of our officers at the reception counters at police stations,” he saidm

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