Guvnor murder case, staff reveals club’s security detail


Ssentongo Paul, a long serving electronic technician of industrial area based at Club Guvnor, has appeared before High court judge Justice Wilson Kwesiga as the second last witness in a case where 33 year old Kamyuka Ivan is acused of murdering Johnny Ahimbisbwe.

Sentongo who has testified on oath has informed court that on the fateful night of 2nd August 2015, he was on duty in the Club and he is the one who retrieved the CCTV footage from the Club cameras that was later
handed over to Police.

He says that at around 3.20 am in the night, he was informed that there was an emergency in the club and he responded by heading to theq 40 plus section where he found Johnny (deceased) lying down on the club floor.

He adds that on checking on the CCTV camera, he found out that there had been a scuffle which involved three people Kamyuka (accused) , Johnny (deceased) and Nina whom he identified as a wife to Kamyuka.

“Basing on the footage, I saw a gentle man and a lady moving towards the Dee Jay’s Box. Later on, the lady hit the guy in white (Johhny) who also fought back and then Kamyuka who was in a red Tshirt punched
Johhny,” Ssentongo explained.

Sentongo added that, Johhny after being beaten, felt unstable and fell on the ground and that the following day he handed over the footage to a police officer, Opiyo Peter from Jinja Road Police station to use it in
their investigations after which he also recorded a statement.

Ssentongo has informed court that Club Guvnor learnt a lot from the incident and has since tightened its security.

“Club Guvnor replaced the 64 Analogue CCTV cameras with 80 Digital CCTV Cameras that can be zoomed in and out depending on the circumstances,” the witness explained.

Ssentongo revealed that the club has a number of security personnel who include CID officers, police officers, bouncers, and saracen guards who manage security outside the club.

“The moment that fight took place in the 40 plus section of the club, security personnel who were on duty that rushed toattend to the emergency.”

Further hearing of the matter has been adjourned to 23rd August 2017. It is alleged that Kamyuka Ivan, a resident of Kisasi Kyanja in Nakawa division Kampala district, on August 2nd 2015, while in Club Guvnor
on first street industrial area Kampala, unlawfully killed Johnny Ahimbisibwe.

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