“He Deserved that Stage” – Maurice Kirya Praises Michael Ross Amid Mockery

Ugandan singers, Maurice Kirya (L) and Michael Ross (R).

Ugandan soul singer, Maurice Kirya has come out to side with fellow musician Michael Ross following his embarrassing moment over the weekend in Munyonyo during the Soul and RnB Safari.

On Saturday, Ross dared to make an impromptu appearance on the stage to showcase his dance skill while American RnB singer, Ginuwine was performing.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Ross was quickly grabbed by the two security personnel guarding the American star and dragged off the stage. They held him by his arms and threw him off the platform.

On Sunday, a video showing the singer’s ugly encounter made rounds on social media, shadowing everything else that transpired on the show. Myko Ross was making headlines even though not for the best of reasons.

Now, Kirya, who was himself among the few Ugandan artistes that opened for Ginuwine on the show has defended Ross saying he more than anybody else deserved to be on that stage.

“I totally understand what it meant to Myko to jump on stage, even though i performed on that stage… Myko deserved that stage better than anyone else,” the self proclaimed ‘King of Mwooyo’ wrote on his Facebook on Monday.

Kirya recounted his past experiences with Ross and how much Ginuwine’s music influenced his great passion for dancing.

“When I was younger, Myko and I would meet at my mother’s house and practice dancing, I wasted so much time before i realised my dancing sucked, but Myko?… he had the gift,” wrote Kirya.

He says Ross emulated Ginuwine “to the dot” and “would even un-button his shirt to reveal his skinny chest and six packs to screaming adoring fans”.

“He was our own Ginuwine, our own Usher, our Michael Jackson,” Kirya went on to say of the ‘Yoyo’ singer.

Amid the criticism and mocking that Ross is receiving on social media, for his conduct in Munyonyo, Kirya instead praised him as Uganda’s treasure.

“Deep down inside i know that Myko is our treasure, an icon, a legend, a star that tells out very own Ugandan story of resilience, I praise him now, because its on days like this when he needs his true friends, and true fans”.

Singer Leila Kayondo too chose to console Ross saying the Munyonyo incident wasn’t the most embarrasing one.

“All is well Myco. Some of us have gone through more embarrassing moments than that but at the end of day.what matters. Is staying true to yourself. Living testimony. They will want to be you but criticize you,” Kayondo wrote on Facebook.

Without revealing much, singer and producer Benon Mugumbya on Sunday posted saying he is optimistic that Saturday’s incident would result into “something amazing”.

There has been speculation that the two singers (Ginuwine and Michael Ross) would make a music collaboration.

Whether Ross’ will be a turning-lemon-into-lemonade kind of situation, time will give the best answer.

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