Health Monitoring Unit Cites Mismanagement of Resources, Absenteeism in Omoro Health Facilities

Dr Jackson Ojera Abucu, the Director Health Monitoring Unit.

Officials from the State House Health Monitoring Unit who visited Omoro district on Friday said there are numerous complaints pointing to mismanagement of resources and negligence by health workers within the district, which calls for a probe.

This was revealed during a press briefing held at Northern Uganda media club on Friday evening.

Speaking to the press, Dr Jackson Ojera Abucu, the Director Health Monitoring Unit noted that a number of issues will require investigations regarding health facilities Omoro district, arising from complaints.

“We have uncovered issues related to the mismanagement of resources meant for Nodding Syndrome, absenteeism of health workers and mismanagement of drugs, late coming and abuse of office,” Abucu said.  

During the same visit, officials from the Unit ordered for the intersection of Geoffrey Goddy Otto, a driver attached to Omoro district Health department who was found culpable for using a government ambulance Reg No UG-3506M to transport bricks to his construction site.

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For now, Ojok has been interdicted and will soon be arraigned before the Anti-Corruption Court in Kampala to answer to charges of abuse of office.

Ojok was initially detained at Gulu central police station before his transfer to Kampala where the Directorate of Public Prosecutions is expected to sanction his file for possible appearance in ourt on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Detective Inspector of Police Gilbert Ntumwa, a criminal investigator with the Unit in his remarks stated that the rot discovered will require them more time to clean up the region as there seems to be a number of threats.

According to Ntumwa, Otto’s case is just an eye opener to the breach of rules of engagement which are central to the standing laws.

“He has misused his office and it’s not the first for him to be tried. We will hand him over to the Anti-corruption court for the law to take its course,” Ntumwa said.

On Friday, this news website reported that Ottoo had earlier written an apology letter to the Chief Administrative Officer of Omoro district over the misuse of the van seeking pardon.

According to Ntumwa, since the details of the case had been reported in the media, it would be inappropriate for such a gross abuse (at the expense of the tax payers) not to be tried.

“That car would be helping ferry sick people or those in need in the village, but one person had made it look like a family car, not on government and citizen oriented property,” Ntumwa told reporters.

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