Health Worker Among 11 New Covid Cases

Entebbe Airport under Lockdown

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 11 new cases of Covid-19 from 2,949 samples tested on 13 June 2020, raising the tally to 696.

According to the Ministry, one is a frontline health worker while 4 cases are from 1386 samples from alerts and contacts.

From 1564 samples at border points, “6 are truck drivers; 3 from Elegu while 3 are from Malaba.

33 foreign truck drivers tested positive for COVID-19 and were handed back to their country of origin.

During his address to the country on budget day, President Museveni revealed that some results had erroneusly been classified as positive.  He said the Ministry would clarify the matter to the country.

While updating the country on the Covid-19 response, the Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, said the false positives were nine in number and were discounted from Uganda’s Covid-19 count.

“50 samples from within Kampala were tested from Makerere University Laboratory. The results were communicated to the respective individuals as part of the infection prevention and control and the necessary measures undertaken, said Minister Aceng.

“As part of routine quality assurance procedures, some samples were sent to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for re-testing. There was discordance in some of the samples in this batch”.

“This then required the entire batch to be retested. When the batch was retested, nine of the previously confirmed cases were found to be negative and the individuals were informed,” Minister Aceng explained.

Aceng said the case of false positive results was brought to the attention of the President and explained that false negatives or positives can happen during testing and that is why confirmatory tests are carried out.

She said that errors can happen during sample collection, packaging and opening – a process she referred to as pre-analytic, or during analysis of the sample.

So far, Uganda has registered 240 total Recoveries and no fatalities.

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