“Hold Demos Elsewhere, Don’t Disrupt Parliament Business” – Kadaga Cautions Public

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has issued a stern warning against members of the public who may intend to attack legislators during the course of exercising their constitutional duty.

Kadaga was commenting on the attack on Parliament on Wednesday afternoon by two youth who identified themselves as members of the Red Top Brigade Movement.

The two strangers jumped from the public gallery down to the chambers where MPs sit.

The two elements were chanting accusations of corruption saying corruption begins in Parliament and thus the House has no moral authority to be debating on graft.

MPs who had been discussing land matters all scampered following the very rare occurrence. The Minister of Land had just made a presentation to which the legislators were reacting when the attack happened.

Moments later, the Sergeant at Arms rushed to the two individuals and arrested them, whisking them out of the chambers.

One of those arrested was wearing a red beret.

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Kadaga reminded members of the public that it is an offence to interrupt Parliament business and that no one should ever plan to engage in the same.

“I just want to remind the members of the public that Section 18 (a) of the Parliament Powers and Privileges Act, it’s an offence for any person to create a disturbance which interrupts or is likely to interrupt the proceedings of Parliament,” she said.

“Therefore, the people who were here committed an offence under the Parliament Powers and Privileges Act,” Kadaga said.

She also reminded the public that if anyone is interested in holding a demo, they should use appropriate means.

“If you want to be dramatic jumping like Rambos, the national theatre is there or you can go to the City Square and demonstrate from there.”

According to the petition that was left behind by the two members of the Red Top Brigade, they were protesting the torture and oppression of those opposing dictators, and called for a new Uganda where leaders are accountable. They further say the electoral commission and courts of law lack the independence to guarantee a credible election.

“I just want to warn the public that we shall deal with you very severely if you continue trying to invade our space,” Kadaga warned.

The two attackers have since been arrested by the Sergeant at Arms and have been handed over to the Parliament Police.

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