I have never met the youth fronting me for Presidency – Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba


Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations, Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has distanced himself from a group of Ugandan youths who are rooting for him to run for Uganda’s highest office in 2021.

The group that identify themselves as ‘MK Generation’ recently released campaign flyers of Muhoozi whom they want to run for Presidency.

But Muhoozi has denied ties with the group and the views it represents.

“Maj Gen Muhoozi wishes to unequivocally state that he has no knowledge about that group of youth and what they claim to represent,” said Maj Chris Magezi who is the spokesperson of the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.

Magezi says the group fronting Muhoozi first appeared in the lead to the 2016 Presidential elections but had since gone silent.

He further revealed that Muhoozi “has never met or interacted with any of them and, therefore, the views and opinions they have been propagating are solely their own.”

For a long time, some political actors as well as sections of the public have speculated about the likelihood of a Muhoozi Presidency.

But the General has on several occasions stated that he has no Presidential ambitions and that he is focused on service in the military.

“If the youth groups are merely fans of Maj Gen Muhoozi, then he deeply appreciates their support and feels honored by their confidence in him,” his mouthpiece added.

According to Magezi, the gesture by the youth groups to take interest in discussing political issues, is an entitlement to them but “Muhoozi has no intention to join politics in the foreseeable future.”

“As he has stated on several occasions, when he is no longer a serving soldier in the UPDF, he will make his decision about serving his country in other fields,” Magezi said.

“Until then all groups that purport to represent him or his intentions should be viewed with skepticism,” he added.

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