I was Locked out of defiance campaign – Gen Muntu


FDC’s Gen Mugisha Muntu has clarified on allegations touted by some party members that he is against the defiance campaign which was launched by Dr. Kiiza Besigye before the 2016 general elections.

The General has on several occassions stood his ground advocating for organizing the party and building structures .

During a joint press conference by all presidential candidates, Muntu noted that the defiance campaign has failed since it has been personalized by the group led by Dr. Besigye.

Muntu said that he has worked closely with the said defiance team, but it has locked him out accusing him of fighting them instead.

Muntu cited several occasions at which he has participated directly in the defiance campaign including the Stay home campaign and ‘walk to work’ campaign which were all defied by the public.

Muntu said that he has chaired all meetings that have offered back up to the different defiance activities as well as funding the different activities.

“The question I have for those who say that Muntu is not for defiance is that if me who has supported defiance to such an extent can be locked out what about people who don’t have name recognition; it is not correct for anyone to have a feeling of entitlement,” Muntu stressed.

“Defiance is an open broad thing anybody who wants to participate should participate in,  but it looks like we have reached a situation were some people are seemingly giving out certificates, like you must first write an application, you are either allowed or denied entry, certainly I have been denied entry,” Muntu said.

Muntu observed that defiance needs to be left as broad as it is, open to whoever is able to do anything they can do whenever they can do it and not owned by people.

“For anybody to try assuming the role of appointing who can be and who can’t be, that is arrogance and I have fought arrogance all my life; nobody can take that position to choose who should be involved in civil disobedience and who should not.”

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