“I’m a Self-made Millionaire, I Didn’t Wait for Govt Handouts” – Zari Stings Bobi Wine Fans

Zari Hassan

South African based Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan has come out to refute claims that she got handouts from government, saying she is a self-made millionaire who has hustled her way to where she is.

Her recent criticism towards Bobi Wine’s Presidential bid (questioning whether Bobi has the requisite credentials to run for Presidency) attracted a backlash from Bobi’s supporters online. They accused her of being bribed by the government to talk ill of Bobi Wine.

However, in a latest video, Zari has downplayed these claims and reminded whoever cares, that she is a hustler who uses her brain to survive. 

“If you have receipts of money you claim government gave me, post them. I don’t take money from government. They (government) can as well post proof that they gave me money,” Zari said.

“Government has nothing on me. I spoke what I spoke because I believe in what I spoke. I asked for (Bobi’s) credentials and you claim you have no time. You just don’t have answers”.

“I’m a self-made millionaire. I didn’t wait for the President to put money in my pockets. I understood my pain as a woman and went abroad to hustle. Stop consoling yourselves otherwise you’ll die in poverty. If you claim abusing the President is the quickest way to earn money, go ahead and abuse him. Let’s see if you’ll be paid off too and be wealthy like myself”.

The socialite also ex-wife to Tanzanian singing star, Diamond Platnumz also rubbed it in the face of her naysayers how she’s just added a new Bentley to her fleet of cars.

“I’m hardworking and clever. I saved my money to get myself a new car. I called up Tifah’s dad (Diamond) and asked for a top up. I’m using my brain”. 

Zari also scoffed at those who parrot the narrative that every successful female socialite got wealthy by sleeping around. She says this is false and misleading to the young girls.

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