Inconsolable Kenzo Pens Emotional Letter; “All I Did Was Love Rema, Don’t Judge Me”

Eddy Kenzo (L) and ex-lover, Rema Namakula sharing a warm moment previously.

Singer Eddy Kenzo has poured out his heart in an emotional post, saying it is unfair for him to be judged for not making things work between he and long-time fiancée, Rema Namakula.

Over the weekend, photos of Rema and her new lover were circulated widely on social media confirming long-standing rumours that Kenzo’s affair with Rema had failed to work. Rema is set to introduce to her family her lover, a one Hamza Sebunya, a doctor at Mulago hospital.

But it is clear, going by Kenzo’s latest post, the separation has hit the BET Award winner hard. Even in his text, he could not hide how devastated he felt.

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In the wake of the development, many people have cast blame on him for dragging his feet in regard to putting a ring on Rema. However, Kenzo says only God and the couple know why things didn’t work out, adding that all he did was love Rema. And he still does love her, he says.

“I’m a fighter hustler when it comes to making a livelihood, but not in fighting people. So, I don’t think I can win this battle honestly speaking,” Kenzo wrote.

“As much as this is a difficult moment, I’m not going to expose the mother of my child in public for the sake of winning this battle, No! A Big No!,” he said.

He says doing this would only to play to the hands of his adversaries whom he says have been working hard to see the two separate.

Kenzo says that just like anyone, all he wished for was to live a better life. “But if I can no longer afford to have the good things, it means I can’t have them, for so many reasons, regardless of how so bad I wanted them”.

The father of two says he will protect Rema “no matter what” and vows he will not embark on a media circuit to offer interviews just so he can prove himself right.

“Rema, I love you and I remember telling you this in our last conversation two weeks back. In fact I have been telling you this from day one. And you know it’s not new to you, I always told you I love you. I don’t know whether you believed me or not, but let me repeat here, I love you so much, that’s why you will always be family forever”.

“Only God knows why our relationship failed, we wanted to have best couple and best life but such is life. As humans, we make plans but God makes other plans”.

He also refuted claims that he is involved with someone else. He is single and not searching, he said.

Despite the separation, the ‘Signal’ singer insists he will still trust Rema with his key properties including land titles and car records.

“Namakula! It’s only you that knows everything about me. It’s you who possesses my land titles, car registration cards and my kids. I request you publicly, if you decide to leave the residence in Seguku to go to your new blessings, please take everything you want,” Kenzo wrote in the post.

“You know better that I can be careless and I travel a lot. I’m likely to lose such important items, so keep them for me please until I trust someone else again”.

For the five years the couple has been together, Kenzo has never physically abused or raised his voice on Rema, he said, despite the tough situation the two have braved.

He also hints that it is the same difficult situation that led to their separation.

To Rema’s new lover (Sebunya), Kenzo asked that he takes good care of the mother of his daughter. He as well asked that he supports her in her musical career just like he (Kenzo) did.

“I congratulate you Mr Sebunya. Love Rema because you are the man of her dreams and the reason why she made this big decision, she is living her dreams”.

“I pushed her to be a better person wrote for her big hits and participated in production of hits that will stay forever she will sing this music for so many years. Like I’m not perfect, but i have tried my best. Remember she is the best vocalist of all times, she loves music with all her heart. If you give her support on her career, that will be the best feeling ever. So, good luck my brother”.

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