Jamil Mukulu’s Co-accused Accuses Security Agencies of Torture in Luzira

Former ADF leader, Jamil Mukulu and other suspects in court recently.

One of the 38 people accused together with former ADF leader, Jamil Mukulu has accused security agencies of torturing him while at Luzira prison.

Ali Kabange, through his lawyers led by Evans Ochieng told court that security agencies in plain clothes approached him while in detention at Luzira and tortured him.

“He was tortured in his detention, forced out and again tortured in a separate room,” Ochieng told court.

“He was forcefully interrogated in violation of the law by security agencies he didn’t know and forced to sign some documents.”

In response, Senior State Attorney Marion Ben Bella rubbished the claims as being baseless because they were not supported by any evidence.

“Whoever makes any allegations must prove them.These should be treated as mere allegations,”she asked court.

In her ruling later, Justice Eva Luswata who is handling the pretrial concured with the state noting that no evidence had been adduced to prove the allegations.

“The alleged security operatives are not named, the nature of torture is not indicated, information extracted is not shown and the date of the alleged torture is not given,”Luswata noted.

She asked the defence lawyers to prove their allegations if the court is to consider them.

Justice Eva Luswata adjourned the pretrial session to September 18 2018.

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