Jose Chameleone Begs President Museveni to Pardon Bobi Wine

Singers Bobi Wine (R) and Jose Chameleone (L) during a rare joint performance on Comedy Store in March this year.

Popular singer, Jose Chameleone has asked the President to forgive his colleague, Bobi Wine for his alleged involvement in the violent events that unfolded in Arua district early this week.

Bobi Wine who doubles as the MP for Kyadondo East is currently under military detention in Gulu and is set to face the military court, according to government.

Government revealed on Wednesday that a search had been conducted in Bobi Wine’s hotel room in Arua and a gun was discovered there, which is suspected to belong to the MP. According to the law, a civilian found in possession of a gun, which is a monopoly of the military, is eligible for trial before the army court.

Bobi is also accused of having been involved in an attack by supporters of MP-elect for Arua municipality, Kassiano Wadri, on the President’s motorcade. This attack left one of the cars in the Presidential convoy with a shattered rear glass.

Now, Chameleone has taken to social media to pray for a pardon by the President towards troubled Bobi Wine.

“As Head of State and forefather, It’s a great one too to lead us in example of forgiveness and reconciliation as that is one of the prime problems that have hindered our society,” Jose Chameleone posted on his Facebook on Thursday.

“With all honour, i beg you the President to symbolize forgiveness in such a time. We can all wrong but better the forgiver,” he added.

The ‘Mateeka’ singer who is known to be a strong supporter of President Yoweri Museveni asked Museveni to demonstrate his fatherly attributes.

In what comes out as a rare praise towards his long time rival (Bobi Wine), Chameleone speaks of Bobi as a one who has worked hard to promote the Ugandan music sound and sell the country’s culture using music.

“Bobi Wine has over time exhibited his leadership admiration,” Chameleone added.

He describes Bobi Wine’s actions is Arua as those of an ambitious man who could have crossed into the territory of aggression.

While the two singers share a passion for singing and are revered by Ugandans as pioneering entertainers, they harbour opposing political opinions.

Bobi Wine even prior to his political bid as Member of Parliament has sometimes used his music to critic government for what he calls oppression of the ordinary Ugandan. On his part, Chameleone has featured prominent on political rallies of the ruling NRM party to rally support for President Museveni.

His latest gesture (seeking a pardon for Bobi Wine) is one that many will say is unprecedented.

“We shall all remain calm and be hopeful that the coming developments will see us all live harmoniously and have a peaceful country henceforth,” Chameleone wrote.

He quoted the Biblical quote (John 8:7) which states “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”.

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