Joseph Kabuleta Announces Bid for Presidency, Promises Golden Era of Wealth For All

Joseph Kabuleta

Former Journalist turned evangelist, Joseph Kabuleta, has announced his bid for the Presidency ahead of the general elections.

Kabuleta while announcing his bid, said the country is headed into a golden era of wealth exploration, a fact that should fill the citizens of this nation with enthusiasm and expectation.

He however said the current leadership in place (or any ‘successor’ they might have in mind) will simply make most Ugandans observers rather than partakers in this wealth distribution.

“In the next few years, Uganda will become a proper oil producing nation, churning out in excess of 260,000 barrels of crude per day and the mining industry will take off in earnest. With proper investment, according to a recent World Bank report, the same period could see Uganda’s Tourism sector pull in an annual revenue of $10bn, about three times its current input”. Kabuleta said.

The evangelist, said that the government has built a ceiling that separates the privileged few at the apex of the income pyramid and through his ‘Reclaim Our Country and Kin (ROCK), he will create a system that will guarantee all Ugandans wealth.

“There is a ceiling that has been built over the decades that separates the privileged few at the apex of the income pyramid from everyone else, including the middleclass, who for so long have been feeding off the crumbs. That ceiling, however, becomes less porous every passing year and the people below it become increasingly desperate”.

“We are going to create a system that will guarantee that the wealth of Uganda will belong to all Ugandans, not just a select few who perpetuate themselves in power for that very purpose”. Kabuleta said.

He said, his government will make sure wealth is fully harnessed and equitably shared, with a formidable force in the citizens pockets not figures flying out of budget speeches.

“A vote for us is a vote for financial liberation; a vote to break the ceiling. That vote will, for every Ugandan, be a first step towards a country of our dreams; one in which government is our ally rather than our tormentor; a country where wealth is fully harnessed and equitably shared. A Uganda where growth will not just be figures flying out of budget speeches, but will be a formidable force in our pockets” He said.

Kabuleta argued that Uganda is blessed in thewith a friendly climate and incredible weather; blessed on the ground with half of East Africa’s arable land and blessed beneath the ground with rich extractives which include 27 different minerals spawned across the country in commercially viable quantities, as well as billions of barrels of explored oil with a lot more to be explored.

He said the oppressive regime is only as strong as the fear it imposes on the population. But when the people rise up, they will encounter an empire that is very weak and crumbling.

Kabuleta has joined the growing list of those who have announced their bids to unseat President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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