Judiciary Team in Armenia for Training on Electronic Case Management System

Bigirimana with the President and team of Synergy International System.

A team from the Ugandan Judiciary led by the Permanent Secretary, Pius Bigirimana is in Armenia to undergo a training on the operation of the Case Management Information System (ECMIS), a digital solution that seems to address delays in filing to court.

According to Solomon Muyita, the Judiciary’s Senior Communications Officer, the team left Uganda on Sunday to attend the training workshop as a kick-off of the Project Inception Phase.

The team comprises of the Permanent Secretary, Julian Mani Rweju and Kikabi David Sunday.

On September 16, the Judiciary of Uganda signed a Contract with M/S Synergy International System and M/S. Sybyl Limited (Joint Venture) for the Design, Development, deployment and maintenance of an Electronic Court Case Management Information System (ECMIS) to reduce case backlog in court.

According to Bigirimana, ECMIS will be a fully-featured system which automates and tracks all aspects of a case life cycle from initial filing through disposition and appeal as to each individual party for any case type.

The system operates on the Judiciary existing business rules and processes, requiring minimal human intervention.

Bigirimana added that the system will be able to facilitate the efficient and reliable collection, organization, distribution and retrieval of significant amounts of case specific data as well as the processing of payment of relevant court fees and fines by the citizens.

He says that ECMIS is cost-saving and will be able to reduce human-to human interaction and thereby making it un-attractive to engage in corrupt tendencies.

Automated workflow processes guide users through their daily activities and notify users of pending actions, improving overall efficiency and cost savings,” Bigirimana explained

The electronic system will enable data movements seamlessly from one justice sector institution to another, from law enforcement, to the courts, to corrections, improving communication and reducing the likelihood of processing errors, says Bigirimana.

Bigirimana pointed out that the meeting was intended timely to set expectations and a roadmap for the successful implementation of the ECMIS.

He said the training seeks to introduce the Judiciary Team to the Synergy’s Business processes and Project Team and establish guidelines for the ECMIS Project. The ECMIS training will last between 5 to 7 days.

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