Kabushenga Says Xfm Presenter, Denzel Will Face Disciplinary Committee Over Rape Allegations

Vision Group boss, Robert Kabushenga (L) and Xfm presenter, Denzel (R)

In the wake of allegations that media personality and former Big Brother Africa housemate, Denzel Mwiyeretsi forced some females into sex without their consent, his employer, also Vision Group Head, Robert Kabushenga has committed that the alleged acts will be investigated.

Denzel is a host on Xfm a radio station under the Vision Group.

Denzel’s name has come up in a series of Twitter revelations on rape over the last few days. The same revelations have named renowned gospel rapper, Ruyonga. He too is accused of raping a girl when both he and the said victim were drunk.

Denzel is accused of forcing more than one girl into sex, without their consent. One of the allegations was posted by @PearlElisabeth who claims Denzel raped her friend.

She tweeted screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation where the said rape victim was revealing how the incident occurred.

The victim alleged that she was scheduled to interview him on her show. However, when she stopped by at his house (Denzel said he needed to freshen up before doing the interview), she says he “dragged her” and “did shit”.

“I’m fought him. I really tried and failed”, the victim adds in her texts.

She claims another person was also raped by Denzel.

Following the allegations, a number of people on Twitter have since called out Kabushenga who Heads the media group that employs Denzel to act.

“Hello Sir @rkabushenga your attention is needed.  Denzel is an employee of XFM and he is rapist! Help us get justice for all the women raped and about to raped by Denzel.  He’s a danger to society,” Pheonah Elyanu (@Smol_Phiefie) wrote in a tweet.

Now, Kabushenga has tweeted promising that the Human Resource and Audit Departments at Vision Group will pursue the allegations against Denzel.

He says Denzel will face a disciplinary committee to answer the accusations against him “and then we shall make the right decision”.

“I guarantee that all parties will receive a fair hearing and the interests of justice will be duly served. We hope this time the accuser will cooperate”.

Denzel hasn’t come out yet to speak on the allegations against him.

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