Kadaga Faults Kampala Ministers for Delaying KCCA Amendment Bill

A collage of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (L) and Minister for KCCA, Betty Kamya (R)

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has accused the Ministers in charge of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) – Betty Kamya and Benna Namugwanya (State Minister) – of frustrating the passing of the KCCA Amendment Bill, 2015.

The Speaker made the accusations following a petition from Rubaga Division Councilors who informed her that due to the delays in the passing of the amendments, they (councillors) have not been able to serve their electorate adequately.

They argued that according to the current law as enacted in 2010, all powers are concentrated in the KCCA Executive Director which the bill seeks to cure.

Led by councillor, Musa Mbazira the group noted that their positions as KCCA councillors are just a formality since they have no powers to offer any input in regard to planning, budgeting and financing for their Divisions.

“We have no authority as division councillors, not even supervising collection of garbage. Worse still, even the resolutions that we pass at Division level, are never reflected in the decisions taken by the authority technical wing,” Mbazira said.

In response to the matters raised, the Speaker noted that this is not the first time she is receiving complaints over the delayed KCCA amendment Bill.

She faulted the delay on the two KCCA Ministers (Betty Kamya and Benna Namugwanya) whom she says have continued elude the Bill’s second reading.

“In the last Parliament, we had a meeting here with Division Mayors and in a way, they are also raising same issues, that they have no voice in the planning,” Kadaga told the councillors.

Kadaga said Parliament had hoped that with the amendment Bill, the issue of separation of power at KCCA would be resolved. She said she does not understand as to why the Ministers are not willing to come back to the House over the bill.

“This is a proposal that came in 2015, our committee completed it, filed a report in the House, the Minister requested for more time to further consult but each time the issue is put on the Order paper, they disappear, so they have not come back to complete this Bill,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga told the councillors that it is this frustration (due to the delays) that prompted her to tell off government on the shelving of the Bill, during the recent State of the Nation Address.

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