Kadaga Roots for Retirement Package for Former Speakers

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has come out to root for a better retirement package for former Speakers of Parliament as it is the case with the retired Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice.

According to the Administration of Judiciary Act that was assented to by President Museveni last week, retired Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice are entitled to a monthly salary payment.

This implies that even in retirement, the Chief Justice would continue to earn a monthly salary equivalent to that of a sitting Chief Justice on top of a lump sum package equivalent to 2.4 percent of his annual salary multiplied by five and his years of service.

During her communication to the Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament noted that the Ministry of Public Service should consider setting up a better retirement package for the Speakers of Parliament.

“When we were considering the Administration of Judiciary Bill, we provided for the existing and retired judges, this reminded me that there is a category of people we have not handled namely the former Speakers of Parliament,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga added that, “They are not very many, we have Rt. Hon. Hajji Moses Kigongo, Rt. Hon. Francis Rutagira and Rt. Hon. Edward Rugumayo who are still living. I want the Minister of Public Service to advise what he plans to do for retirement benefits for those senior citizens who did commendable job for the country but are not catered for.”

The Minister of Public Service has thus been ordered to appear before the House next week with a clear plan on how to provide for the retired Speakers of Parliament.

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