Kadaga Warns Committees Against Funds from Well Wishers, Overstepping Mandate

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga

Parliament has barred the Parliamentary committees from soliciting additional funds from well-wishers for committee related work.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga informed Parliament that she received information in regard to some committees getting funds from sources outside Parliament for the committee activities, yet the Parliamentary Commission provides all the necessary facilitation.

She also stopped the committees from taking decisions that defy Parliament and without her knowledge.

“I have received information a number of times that some committees are taking decisions that bind the House without my knowledge and without the consent of this House,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker added that, “there are also others which continue to receive funding from outside yet the Parliamentary Commission facilitates the committees. Worse of all, there are committees communicating decisions and positions without reference to either the House or myself, so I want that to end”.

She said that she intends to meet all the Parliamentary committee chairpersons for further instructions to end this irregular habit of the committee leadership.

“I will be arranging a meeting with the committee chairpersons so that we can explore how to work and also ensure that while they do their constitutional duties, they don’t go outside them,” Kadaga said.

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