KAINO Africa Launches EdTech to Boost Education Sector


Kaino Africa has launched EdTech school management solution, a digital product development and innovation of educational resources in Uganda so as to improve the education sector in the country.

Kaino delivers a complete content management system that includes curriculum aligned lesson guides, well prepared lesson notes, learner’s workbooks, digitized textbooks, assessment tests and fully integrated Student information system to support intelligent data-driven decisions.

During the launch, Kaino Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cedric Namakoola said that the new e-learning platform ensures that a smooth and unlimited learning experience happens for every school going child anywhere in both rural and urban areas.

“We at Kaino Africa believe that empowering a teacher is empowering Africa; both the tab and the application will save both time and money so you can better use your resources in ways that directly benefit your students and their ability to excel academically,” Namakoola said.

Namakoola said that the product uses the KAINOtab, Web and Mobile Apps to empower teachers by aggregating academic content like, lesson guides, assessment tests, lesson notes, learner’s workbooks from the best educationalists and digital textbooks from book owners and publishers which enables us to leverage this content so that teachers, students and other users can use this platform to easily access this content.

Namakoola added that children in the rural areas will have a chance to acquire the best education since the platform will enable content providers spread their content across Uganda at a low cost.

“We are looking at affordability of textbooks, enabling self-assessment by learners; we are also targeting the refugees and shall give them tabs at free of charge so that they can also access learning at a very accessible manner,”
he added.

“We shall give out tabs freely to all teachers in schools that enroll for the system and we shall avail free data”.

The system will also address the issue of absenteeism by teachers, through the geo-fencing technology, were when a teacher enters the classroom, it automatically detects that they have signed in and when they move out it automatically shows he has signed out.

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