Kampala Parents School Wins Ruparelia Group Sports Gala

Rajiv Ruparelia, the Director Ruparelia Group of Companies shares a photo opp with victors

Kampala Parents School was Sunday declared the overall winner of 2019 Ruparelia Group of companies Sports Gala after scooping 475 points from the several games that were played at Kampala International School.

The 4th Annual Gala attracted about 800 participants from 18 subsidiary companies of the Ruparelia Group which saw several staffs in attendance.

The gala saw Rosebud emerge as the second with 395 points followed by Speke Resort Munyonyo which scored 390 points out of the different sports disciplines.

One of the directors of Ruparalia Group, Sheena Ruparalia congratulated Kampala Parents School upon successfully winning this year’s gala and the good team spirit that they portrayed.

Sheena said that the event is aimed at promoting team working, physical fitness and good relationship among their employees.

Sheena encouraged the people to always take advantage of such events to showcase their talents.

“This is a day were people come together and it helps in building team, bringing us together for a better competition, just having fun and doing a lot of sports. This is a day individuals can prove to the world that they have such unique talents,” Sheena said.

Sheena added, “Sports is something everyone should have for health and active life; this is the fourth time and it will continue happening every single year and it will continue becoming bigger and bigger each year.”

She noted that it is always interesting to see who wins and amazing to see how staff comes together to win and how they celebrate their victories.

The 18 companies participated in sports disciplines including football, wheel borrow race, athletics, egg and spoon race, sack race, Tag of war, Scrabble among others.


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