Karamoja: Museveni Pledges Valley Dams to Ease Commercial Farming

President Museveni addressing leaders from Karamoja, at Boma grounds in Moroto

On his wealth creation tour in Karamoja sub-region, President Yoweri Museveni has made a commitment that government will establish at least twenty valley dams to address the chronic problem of water shortage.

Museveni began his visit to Karamoja on Tuesday where he met local leaders of Karamoja at Boma Grounds in Naitakwai, Moroto Municipality, to familiarise them with my wealth creation agenda, so they can ably relay it to the general public.

He was scheduled to hold a rally in Nakapiripirit today, Wednesday at 2pm and later at 7pm make a radio address at Morolinga State Lodge in Napak district.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the President acknowledged that the sub-region which largely thrives on cattle herding as an economic activity is grappling with water shortage.

“The persistent issue in Karamoja region now is water. We are going to solve this completely” Museveni said in a statement.

“The Minister (for Karamoja) tells me that one dam would cost about Shs 6bn. Let us build at least 20 big dams to deal with the water problem here”.

The President said that once the challenge is addressed, it will be easier to commercialize farming as well as  introducing diary cows so that local farmers can can cash in on the sale of milk and other diary products.

Museveni also used the meeting to appeal for a shift in the lifestyle of the Karimojong, many of whom reside in grass thatched houses commonly known as ‘manyattas’.

He says there is need to transform from this kind of housing and build permanent structures. But this is only possible if they move away from subsistence to commercial farming, Museveni said.

“We must get our selves from these manyattas. Having manyattas then it rains and you stay awake all night is not living, it is surviving”.

“So we must build better houses, this is only possible if we abandon our subsistence farming methods”.

President Museveni, who is also the national Chairperson for the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, is currently traversing the country addressing gatherings in a drive he says is meant to fight poverty among Ugandans.

In recent weeks, he visited West Nile, Tooro and Bunyoro sub-regions as part of the national drive to foster wealth creation at the household level for economic development.

He will be touring all the 22 sub-regions across the country.

The message on eradication of poverty at household level has been very central to President Museveni’s addresses wherever he goes in the country.

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