Kenyatta unveils Jubilee candidates at colourful Uhuru Park rally


It was pomp and colour as President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday addressed a mega campaign rally at Uhuru Park where he unveiled Jubilee candidates for various elective positions in Nairobi County.

The Jubilee candidates included Mike Mbuvi Sonko (Governor), Johnson Sakaja (Senator), Rachel Shebesh (Women Rep) and all aspirants for parliamentary seats in the city county.

Addressing the excited supporters who assured him they will turn out in large numbers to vote, President Kenyatta urged them to embrace a six-piece voting pattern in favour of the Jubilee Party.

The crowds sang in praise of Jubilee as the President enumerated the projects implemented by his administration in the city county and across the country in the last four-and-a-half years.

He also highlighted his action plan that will lift the lives of Kenyans as well as create the much-needed quality jobs for the youth.

He said his administration has ensured equity in terms of development by spreading infrastructural and social development projects throughout the country.

“We delivered development across the country without discrimination. We are requesting Kenyans to give us another term so that we can continue implementing projects that will deliver more progress,” said the President.

The President cited the construction of the first tarmacked road in Lamu County, connecting Garissa with electricity from the national grid and the construction of an international road from Isiolo to Marsabit and the border town of Moyale as some of the projects that have transformed the face of the country.

President Kenyatta said he was seeking a second term so as to extend benefits to Kenyans including implementing free secondary that will ensure no Kenyan child is denied basic education from class one to form four as well as expanding the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to cover mothers who deliver in public hospitals with their children for a period of one year.

“We are laying a strong foundation for industrialization, that’s why we are planning to give paid up internships for our graduates from universities and Technical Training Institutes,” he said.

The President pointed out that unlike the opposition which is fond of trading insults at the expense of serving Kenyans, the Jubilee administration has a proven track record that citizen can relate to.

“We have no time for insults, our agenda is to work for all Kenyans, that’s why when they insult us we don’t respond but rather continue working to fulfil our transformative agenda,” said the President.

Deputy President William Ruto said the choice for Kenyans in the August 8 polls will be between the transformative agenda of Jubilee and the empty rhetoric of the opposition.

He urged Kenyans to come out in large numbers and re-elect Jubilee to give the opposition a resounding defeat.

“We want to win this election with a margin of three million votes so that we stop opposition’s business of demonstrations and running to courts whenever they are defeated,” said Deputy President Ruto.

He said the opposition wasted their time by instituting court cases and now they have sensed defeat that is why they keep on coming up with all sorts of excuses.

“They went to courts on the issue of BVR kits, ballots papers and also started dragging in the military to politics. We are telling them courts and military don’t vote, it’s Kenyans who will vote,” said the Deputy President.

He urged Nairobi residents to vote in Jubilee aspirants from Members of County Assembly (MCA) to Governor, saying this will ensure smooth operations and services to all Nairobi residents.

“Mike Sonko understands issues which bedevil the residents of Nairobi. Nairobi residents have suffered for the last five years due to poor leadership. We ask you to vote for him and other Jubilee aspirants,” said the Deputy President.

He said the Kshs 45 billion disbursed to Nairobi County annually has not benefited the people of Nairobi because of poor leadership of the devolved unit, saying all that will change when Sonko takes over.

“This has been a clear waste of Kshs 45 billion that would have gone into improving service delivery for the benefit of Nairobi residents,” said the Deputy President.

Jubilee gubernatorial candidate Mike Sonko said once elected he will implement his manifesto for Nairobi County that will ensure a cleaner city and jobs for the youth.

Other speakers included Jubilee aspirants for Senate and Women Rep seats Johnson Sakaja and Rachel Shebesh respectively.

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