Kiira Motors Offers its Kayoola Buses to Transport Civil Aviation Authority Staff

The Ugandan-made Kayoola electric buses.

Kiira Motors Corporation’s Kayoola electric buses have partnered with the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) to transport the UCAA staff to and from the airport in what Kiira Motors says is a strategy to showcase the capabilities of their buses.

Kiira Motors offered to pilot the UCCA staff on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a period of July 20 to September 11 this year.

Allan Ahumuza, the Director for Marketing and Sales at Kiira Motors Corporation told SoftPower News that the provision of the Kayoola EVS buses for a shuttle service for UCAA staff is intended to showcase the bus’ capabilities in pioneering green mobility solutions for Urban Centers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

So far, 2 of the locally made Kayoola buses have been manufactured by Kiira Motors.

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Fred Bamwesigye, the Director General of UCCA said on Monday that the feedback from the users and what the Management has experienced so far indicates that the Kayoola buses are a welcome addition that will provide some solutions to Uganda’s road transport industry.

“I am informed that the Kayoola bus is fully electric and is specifically designed for urban mass transportation…. If well utilized, they could also contribute to reduction in congestion on the roads,” Bamwesigye added.

Once fully charged, the bus has a range of up to 300 kilometers which covers the Eentebbe – Kampala route and back comfortably. The bus has a sitting capacity of 90 people.

Bamwesigye added that the Kiira Motors concept resonates well with the Authority’s core value of embracing new ideas and technology.

“It is even more pertinent that the bus is environmentally friendly because it is electric powered, which rules out the burning of diesel and associated pollution,” he said.

On the possibility of the buses bridging the gap in Kampala’s mass transportation, Muhumuza said that will be up to government.

“Kiira Motors is a manufacturer of vehicles and we will work with Operators to provide sustainable mobility devices,” he said.

In May this year, Kiira Motors launched a new prototype, an electric powered bus, causing excitement among Ugandans about the future of mass transport.

The Kayoola is the fourth car prototype to be produced by the Ugandan startup which began from the Makerere University College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT).

The others are; the Kiira EV which is Africa’s first electric vehicle, the Sedan (Kiira EV SMACK) which is the first electric hybrid vehicle to be designed and built in Africa, and the Kayoola which is Africa’s first solar powered bus.

The company says the Kayoola EVS Electric Buses are designed to provide select shuttle services including airport transfer.

The Bus has on-board Wi-Fi to ensure the travelers stay connected, USB charging ports to enable charging of traveler’s devices and display boards for timely and accurate information dissemination.

It has an operating cost per KM of Shs 320 as compared to a Diesel Bus Equivalent with Cost per kilometer of Shs 1,670 implying better energy efficiency on the backdrop of enhanced environmental stewardship

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