Kirumira to Sue Former Flying Squad Boss, Muhangi Over Manner of His Arrest

Man cuts the door to Kirumira's house with a chainsaw. Right, Kirumira surrenders to Police officers after the break-in.

Controversial Police officer, ASP Muhammad Kirumira has threatened to sue former Flying Squad commander, Herbert Muhangi for what he calls unlawful arrest, malicious damage of property and unlawful detention in Nalufenya.

On February 1, security officers allegedly under Flying Squad, dressed in civilian clothes fired bullets and tear gas as they arrested former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira at his home in Bulenga.

A scuffle ensued when residents attempted to block police from accessing his home, but police succeeded later on, only to be stranded at the door since Kirumira had locked himself indoors.

It took a call from ACP Herbert Muhangi, Kirumira alleges, to order for forced entry into his house. This prompted the officers deployed at Kirumira’s home to cut through his door using a sawing machine, and later arrested him.

However, Kirumira claims he spoke to Muhangi on the fateful day regarding why he was subjected to such a demeaning treatment which Muhangi apologised for and requested for a meeting.

“We called for area O.C Police and area leaders as well as neighbours, but none of these fellows were known to the above mentioned offices and had not even reported their intentions to come and effect state duty at my home,” Kirumira told SoftPower News.

“When I insisted one of them told me that they were from Flying Squad and that ACP Muhangi, the commander of Flying Squad wanted me. I asked to speak to him and they called him on phone. When I asked what the matter was, he only said I should pass by as I proceed to court. He apologised for not having talked to me on phone instead,” he added.

Kirumira was scheduled to appear before the Police tribunal that morning at 10am for further hearing on disciplinary charges.

He alleges that court had remanded him at Railway Police station on Kampala road, but was later taken to Nalufenya detension facility on orders of ACP Muhangi.

Kirumira says it was unlawful for Muhangi to evade orders of court and transfer him to Nalufenya, until recently a detention facility for high profile and hard core criminals, yet he was not facing any charges of such nature.

Kirumira further questions the motive behind breaking into his house and consequently arresting him and yet no charges were slapped against him.

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