Lady Arrested for Staging Own Kidnap to Extort Shs 25M from ‘Stingy Lover’

A blurred image of 21-year-old Marian Uwase who confessed to having staged her kidnap

Police are holding a woman suspected of staging her own kidnap with an intention to extort Shs 25 million from her lover.

Marian Uwase, 21 was arrested over the weekend following an operation by Police to rescue her after the boyfriend reported the case.

Police say that the suspect mastermided her own kidnap and tactfully tricked her boyfriend through phone calls to make him believe her life was in danger.

A 21 year old Mariam Uwase, is being held by Police for staging her own kidnap with intent to extort money from her boyfriend.

A statement by Kampala Metropolitan Police says that Uwase used the magic voice service to manipulate her phone “and made teary calls to her boyfriend using different phone numbers claiming she was in the hands of brutal abductors who would kill her if he did not send 25 million Uganda shillings”.

The unsuspecting boyfriend then sent the ‘abductors’ a deposit of Shs 700,000 as commitment that he would send the rest.

“After a few days of negotiation with the alleged abductors, Old Kampala Police launched a secret rescue mission only to find Uwase living large and comfortably in a mansion,” the statement released on Sunday reads.

Police say that Uwase accused her new boyfriend of being a “stingy fellow”. She further confessed to having staged the kidnap claiming because she lacked money for her siblings upkeep back home.

She is currently being detained at Old Kampala Police Station on charges of giving false information.

This latest incident is one of the strange cases at the time when security agencies and the public are still grappling with unresolved shocking abductions. In February, the country was gripped in fear when Susan Magara, a 28-year-old accountant was abducted by unknown people, killed brutally and her body later dumped in Kigo, Wakiso district.

Last month, another woman identified as Charity Kyoheirwe, 32 was reported missing only for her body to be discovered in Nalukolongo, Rubaga Division, a Kampala suburb two days later.

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