Lawyer Arrested for False Allegations on Death of Former Minister Nekyon

Police spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima

Police have arrested a city lawyer for concocting false allegations that among others alleged that the recent death of former Minister Hajj Akbar Adoko Nekyon was a result of murder.

Lawyer Adam Makmot Kibwang was arrested by Police on Thursday last week after issuing a press release that contained allegations attributed to Nekyon’s family. In the statement, he purported that Nekyon was killed either by close relatives or prominent politicians with whom he had financial and property issues.

Accordingly, the lawyer asked that Nekyon’s death be investigated.

Nyekon died last week on Friday May 4 and initial media reports claimed he passed on at Nsambya Hospital where he was admitted for unspecified health complications.

Six days later, lawyers Makmot Kibwanga and Company Advocates working on behalf of the so called family of Nekyon said that the former Minister could have been killed from Sheraton Kampala hotel.

In a letter dated May 8 titled ‘Reporting a potential homicide in the death of late Hon Hajj Akbar Adoko Nekyon’ to the Director of Criminal Investigations Department, the lawyers stated that the former Minister died “under mysterious circumstances”.

But days later, the family including UPC President, Jimmy Akena who is Nekyon’s nephew distanced the claims raised by Makmot Kibwanga and Company Advocates.

“The family disassociates itself from the letter (to CID) and its contents and wish to inform the general public that none of the family members instructed Makmot, Kibwanga and Company Advocates to file a complaint to Uganda Police to investigate any possible homage in the death of Hajj Nekyon,” a press statement by the family reads in part.

It was issued by Engema Maitum, an uncle to the late Nekyon.

Now, a Police statement released Monday said that preliminary investigations have discovered that there were no such instructions given to lawyer Kibwang by the so called family of Nekyon.

“On Thursday last week, Uganda Police arrested city lawyer Adam Makmot Kibwang, Mariam Akullo and James Kazungu after the lawyer recently made stun allegations that the late had died at Sheraton hotel and his family concealed his death,” the statement issued by SSP Emilian Kayima, the Police Spokesperson.

According to the Police, “Sheraton hotel is equally concerned and the entire sane world is concerned too” and the hotel is considering taking legal action.

“Preliminary police investigations show that there were no such instructions given by family members and the fabrication that he died at Sheraton hotel is a sale out to the lawyer,” it added.

Police further say that once the investigations are complete, the suspects will be arraigned in courts.

Kayima warned all people especially the elite to desist from fooling people and engaging in irresponsible behavior of such nature.

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