LDU Personnel Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Killing 65-Year-Old Man in Oyam

Court Martial sitting on Tueday at Kamudin, Oyam district to sentence the culprits.

Two Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel, a one Felix Okumu and Jolly Thomas Opoka and a soldier Geoffrey Ogwang have been sentenced to 40 years, life imprisonment and 20 years respectively, in relation to the murder of 65-year-old Francis Ogwang Munu.

The sentence has been issued by Col Paul Omara the Chairman of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) 5th Division Court Martial that sat at Amiti Primary school, Kamdini sub-county in Oyam district.

Prosecution led by Lt Alex Rasto Mukhwana told court that the accused persons who were on charges of murder, with malice aforethought, caused the death of Francis Ogwang on June 27 after beating him up while enforcing curfew guidelines.

During the case hearing, a witness told court that on the day Francis Ogwang faced his death, he had moved to his hotel to look for food when the security officers rounded him up and stabbed him with a gun bayonet.

Another witness told court that on the fateful day, at around 5pm the UPDF officers in a white tipper lorry rounded up people who were going on with their business in the trading centre and started beating them up.

It was during then that the deceased was rounded up by the three officers who have been sentenced and was beaten up until he became unconscious.

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