Lumumba Apologizes to NRM Delegates, Museveni Defends Her

NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba.

The NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has apologised to the party Delegates over the mishaps that occured during the party’s National Delegates Conference held Saturday at the Mandela national stadium, Namboole.

Lumumba had earlier been heckled by the delegates when she started her address. Some of the delegates raised issues of their welfare which they said the Secretary General had not be handled as expected.

After giving her report showing how the party had performed since 2016 general elections, Lumumba noted that she understands that certain things haven’t gone on well and that there is always room for improvement.

“I regret what hasn’t gone on well, some issues that happened were far beyond us. Everyday is a blackboard for us and we keep on learning. We are lucky that we are taking lessons when those who liberated the country and restored peace are still here with us to always guide us and there is always room for improvement,” Lumumba told delegates.

Responding on the issue, President Museveni said that he got a team of consultants who volunteered to give him information of what had been happening.

“Many issues reported started yesterday from 7pm up to today in the evening. The report says that some people have not got money since yesterday and that at one point, money got finished and many people had to wait up to today morning and others haven’t got money even up to now,” Museveni said.

“Secondly, that people missed food and that there was a lot of struggle for one to get food. Additionally, the Persons With Disability (PWDS) were not catered for in the arrangements. It was also reported that there were no logistics of shirts and T-shirts.”

Museveni however defended Lumumba noting that he had already been briefed by her that the challenges arose due to delay in processing accreditation tags.

“I have heard all the issues but the Secretary General had briefed me this morning that the problem started yesterday with delay in printing of tags and those people handling money couldn’t release money to people with no tags,” Museveni said.

The President promised that all the issues had been noted and will be best handled in next Delegates Conference in May, 2020.

One of consultants stood out and requested the President to consider relieving the Secretary General of her duties for failure to deliver as expected.

“Mr. President, if your brother marries a woman who keeps on getting miscarriage every now and then, one would advise the brother to look for another wife who will not miscarry,” noted the consultant.

She added that, “I request you that if all goes well, let’s have another wife to produce well.”

In his response, the President said that the party will look for better options of enabling the Secretary general produce results.

“For the wife with constant miscarriage I will check whether the medication can help better the situation. We shall see what to do,” Museveni said.

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