Madhvani Foundation Announces Shs 700M for University Students’ Scholarships

Madhvani Foundation's Chairman, Gerald Ssendaula (2nd L) with other officials and beneficiaries during the launch this week.

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation has announced a scholarship fund of Shs 700 million that will be used to support brilliant yet underprivileged university students in Uganda.

The Foundation says this is in the quest to empower Ugandan youths through affordable education which remains a big hurdle.

The scholarship further seeks to make an intervention to reduce the high rate of student drop outs in tertiary institutions which is mostly driven by the costly tuition fees.

Speaking at a press briefing, held at the Madhvani Head office in the Industrial area, Gerald Ssendaula, the Chairman of the Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation board said, “Madhvani Foundation is proud to be part of Uganda’s education dream and today we launch the Madhvani Foundation scholarship fund for the academic year 2019/2020″.

“The Foundation has continuously supported brilliant but underprivileged Ugandan students from different universities,” he added.

This is the 16th time the Foundation is providing this opportunity that began with about Shs 200 million and has over the years disbursed over Shs 8,530 million.

The Foundation has also managed to support over 2,240 students that have gone on to acquire formal and informal employment in different fields, Ssendaula said.

“It should be noted that the minimum required education qualification generally increases with the level of profession in the job market – a reason as to why the Foundation is substantially rooted in supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students,” he added.

“These levels of study take the biggest percentage of our formal and informal sector and the foundation has witnessed incredible success in this journey”.

Beatrice Apoto, the Administrator at Madhvani Foundation explained that the Foundation sponsors students taking science and technical disciplines that include:  Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Actuarial Science, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Commerce, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Information Technology, Environment, and Medicine.

Science courses are known to be the most costly to pursue at university level.

“It should be noted that only undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for the scholarship. The undergraduate student should have completed their first year of studies at any Ugandan University and postgraduate applicants who have been either admitted and/or registered for graduate programs,” Apoto concluded.

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is a Charitable Trust which has been running since 2003. One of its primary objectives is to maintain and promote scientific and technical education among the people of Uganda.

The scholarship programme is aimed at benefiting Ugandans pursuing either undergraduate or graduate studies at University level in Uganda.

The scholarship covers tuition fees only from second year to completion for undergraduates; and, for the entire programme of study for graduate students from the time of application/award.

Eligible candidates are; undergraduate students, who have completed first year of studies at a Ugandan University; and, graduate applicants who have been either admitted and/or registered for graduate programmes; students with CGPA that is above 2.2 and/or have no retake in any subject in the First Year of study; and students who are not on any other sponsorship.

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