MAK Strike: Police Finds Non-Students, Drugs in Halls of Residence

Uganda's Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga during a news conference. (File Photo)

Police are investigating circumstances under which non-students found their way into the University halls of residence at a time when security agencies raided some halls last week in search for the ring leaders of the demonstration.

Initially, starting with about 10 female students on Tuesday, the students protested the 15% cumulative tuition increment policy by the university. The demonstration carried on up to Friday – also involving male students.

On Thursday night, security agencies raided some university halls and arrested dozens of students. Security personnel are still present within the university premises.

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, who Monday addressed reporters, said security went to the University for security reasons and to ensure that there is rule of law.

He said that during the raid, nearly 40 suspects were arrested from the halls “surprisingly” including 7 individuals who aren’t students of Makerere University.

“If at all this was a matter affecting the university community, then, how come it was infiltrated by non-students? Our security teams have taken interest in that area of investigation to find out how this infiltration happened. Could there be a third party fueling this conflict?” Enanga asked

He says there seems to be a possibility of political actors or a third party in the demonstrations at the country’s institution of higher learning including funding them to cross to other universities to cause chaos.

“What is interesting is that we are getting to learn that there appears to be a force at Makerere University rolling out strikes at university level. We have gotten information of the involvement of Makerere university students in the recent Kyambogo University strike and we are asking ourselves, how Makerere University students get involved in the affairs of Kyambogo University”.

He says Police has more information that another team of Makerere University students went to Makerere University Business School planning to hold another demonstration there.

He says from the beginning, Police’s intelligence teams had information that it was not going to be a peaceful demonstration since there were chances of serious disruptions of activities taking place at the university.

“These female students were being brought as shields and eventually the male protestors would get to join and so, there is no way, we would permit such an activity because of the chances that it would disrupt activities at the university, but also, there were still avenues they should have used before coming in for the protest. It should come in as the last resort,” said the Police spokesperson

Enanga says during the search in Mitchell, Lumumba and University Halls, they found the former Chairman of Mitchell Hall, Bandola Polly, who completed studies sometime back still residing in the hall.

“So under what grounds was the hall according him accomodation yet he was done with his university studies?” asked Enanga.

He says furthermore, the former student was found with drugs, inflammable fluid, smoking pot and narcotic drugs like Sisha.

Others have been identified as Lumala Deo who is an artiste at Nasser Road in Kampala.

“You wonder how he joined students at Lumumba hall and actively involving in the riots which were there,” says Enanga.

He has identified the other non-student as Otim Derrick and Kaliisa George who has a boutique in Kawempe as well as Ssenyomo Fahad who manages a Chapati stall at Kikuubo in Kampala.

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