Makerere Geopolitics Concert to Feature Chameleone, DJs Slick Stuart and Roja

Singer Jose Chameleone (L), DJs Roja (C) and Slick Stuart (R).

Popular Ugandan musician, Jose Chameleone will be headlining a music concert as part of the entertainment segments during the forthcoming major Geopolitics conference in Kampala.

The conference will be held at Makerere University on October 26 and 27, and it is organized by the French Embassy in partnership with Makerere University and German political foundation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS).

Beside debate on more intricate issues like terrorism, refugees, politics, diplomacy, economics, climate change among others, those attending the conference will have a light moment of music entertainment.

The concert to be held on October 26, the evening of the opening day of the conference will take place in the Freedom Square at the campus, according to the program released last week.

DJs Slick Stuart and Roja whose music collaborations have been enjoying good airplay will also play at the concert. As well as the Aka Dope band.

French Ambassador, Stephanie Rivoal said the concert is only open to those who will be attendeing the conference (whose entrance is free).

“For those who attend the conference, there will be a concert, after a full day. Jose Chameleone will be performing together with DJ Slick Stuart and Roja and a live band (Aka Dope),” Ambassador Rivoal told SoftPower News.

It starts at 5pm and will run until 8pm.

The arts feature prominently on the agenda of the conference. On Friday, before panelists delve into discussions, there will be an opening segments where comedians Daniel Omara and Pablo will tackle different geopolitical issues but in an improvised manner. Ugandan born poet and singer, Ike Pinakhi will also be featured.

On Saturday, there will be more acts from dancers and poets.

The French Ambassador believes that the arts industry is a relevant medium through which serious issues can be brought to the fore.

“Take the example of the Black Panther movie which has become a phenomenon. It is a movie but it touches very important issues – including Afro-futurism. The future of Africa and what its people want,” the Ambassador said.

She said that the movie also helps one to look at Africa in another perspective citing the irony in Europe’s fear to be invaded.

“The cinema is open to all. It is democratic. Through art, through comedy, through music and cinema, you can actually convey very deep and serious ideas,” she said.

Among the panelists lined up to discuss ‘Rethinking Africa through fiction and arts’ is Nana Kagga (actress and film maker), Kato Lubwama (politician, theatre actor, director), Moses Serugo (journalist and curator) and Dominica Dipio (academic in film and popular culture).

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