Man Fleeing Security Personnel Falls in Roadside Ditch, Dies After Being Retrieved


Security personnel in Kyankwanzi district on Tuesday night retrieved from a roadside ditch, a man who fell in while fleeing patrol enforcing the night curfew.

The incident happened at Gala trading centre in Kyankwanzi district. The victim has been identified as Rwaburandure Disan, 58, a resident of the same area.

Reports indicate that Rwaburandure was found drunk at the time and had soiled himself.

The soldiers retrieved him and handed him over to his relatives one Nkamuhabwa Edward who is also the area secretary for Defence and one Katamba Samuel his son.

Unfortunately, he was reported dead at 3:00am later in the morning.

Preliminary Medical reports from a police surgeon in Kyankwanzi indicate that he died of dehydration and was anemic plus other related complications caused by drinking alcohol while on ARVs drugs.

A postmortem report is awaited from Kiboga hospital. The said Rwaburandure is known for overdrinking in the centre and had been previously assaulted by unknown people.

Meanwhile, a joint patrol of police and UPDF arrested 4 women and 8 men in the same area found drinking in disregard the night curfew rules. Others are said to have ran away and left behind 8 motorcycles and 3 bicycles which were all impounded and taken to Rusozi Police station with some exhibits of Alcohol.

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