Mao Suspends DP/UYD Reunion Events, Apoligizes for Hooliganism

Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao (C) addressing the press on Tuesday.

Opposition Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao has suspended a grand party activity dubbed DP/UYD Reunion that was among others aimed at reuniting and building a stronger force that would lead the party to State House.

The party boss told the media on Tuesday that he has taken the decision following the unwarranted behavior and acts of hooliganism that marred the reunion that happened over the weekend in greater Masaka.

“The reunion over the weekend targeted the 9 districts of greater Masaka where we have great support; our expectation was that given the high concentration of elected leaders in the sub region, the level of organization would be superior and harmony would prevail,” Mao said.

Mao said that unfortunately there were unfortunate incidents of violence which put a big discount on what the reunion would have achieved.

Mao said that grand standing, self-promotion and petty rivalries prompted several leaders to incite their supporters against each other.

“When we launched the reunion in Makerere it was supposed to be a one off event and after consultations, I announced that there would be another reunion in Mukono and that is how we declared a reunion caravan to cover the entire country,” Mao noted.

A total of 20 events were planned and since Makerere, the party has successfully held the events in Mukono and Gulu.

“As the president of the party and the chief convener, I apologize to all our guests for the disrespect, indiscipline and hooliganism that caused us such embarrassment and threaten to undermine the very essence of the reunion.”

Mao explained that the event from its inception was to rediscover the party mission, rebuild the mother party, unite all democratic forces and lead the charge for democratic change of the country.

“It is about strengthening DP and give it the leverage to lead the charge of democratic change not about seeking positions.”

Mao noted that in the meantime, the party has commenced investigations into events that happened in Masaka and in case party leaders are found culpable, they will be held accountable according to the party disciplinary measures.

He added that the party will as well hold a retreat of members of the National Executive Committee, Members of Parliament, party elders and the Reunion steering committee.

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