Mbale DPC Fred Mchanga Rushes Expectant Mother To Hospital Saving Her Life Amid Covid-19 Lockdown

Mbale DPC Mchanga visits the mother and baby in hospital.

As the country still celebrates Cpl Hannington Agaba, a Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger who last year in December braved the deadly Bundibugyo floods and carried several children and women to save their lives, another man in uniform has saved thd life of an expectant mother when he rushed her to the hospital in the wee hours of the night.

The officer is SP Fred Ahimbisibwe alias Mchanga, the Mbale District Police Commander who in the morning hours of Saturday responded to an emergency telephone call from a one Ritah Namboozo a resident of Nabanyolo, Wanale Sub-county in Mbale district to come to her rescue at 3am after experiencing labor pains.

The Police officer immediately drove to her home, picked her and delivered her to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital where she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy later in the morning at 9am.

Namboozo says she noted down Mchanga’s phone contact when the DPC appeared on one of Mbale’s local FM radios for a community policing exercise a few months back. Little did she know that the man in uniform would one day come to her rescue.

Women and men in uniform have in the recent past exhibited several such humanitarian and selfless acts but walk away with limited appreciation or even recognition from the public.

The country’s army has always been involved in rescue missions in such related catastrophic incidents. In 2018, UPDF was at the forefront of the rescue mission that followed the boat accident on Lake Victoria in which over 40 people died.

In the different occurrences of mudslides in Bugisu sub-region, particularly Bududa district, that covered a number of homes, UPDF has actively been part of the rescue teams, reaffirming their values as a professional force which is subodinate to civilian authority and service.

The most recent is the recently established Inter-Agency Joint Task Force (JTF) involving security agencies at National and Regional levels to support the Ministry of Health in combating COVID-19 epidemic in Uganda. It was formed by Uganda’s National Security Council and has since shared telephone lines that members of the public can call for immediate evacuation to designated health facilities.

The forces are also working with the Office of the Prime Minister and the local authorities in distributing relief food to the vulnerable poor amid the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

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