Mbarara: Student Arrested for Sharing List of ‘Sex Traders’ on Social Media

Derrick Tumuhirwe, a student at Mayanja Memorial Nursing School.

Police in Mbarara district have arrested a student of a nursing school who is suspected to have generated and shared on social networking platform, Facebook, a list of people he purported are sex traders.

The arrest follows complaints from individuals in Mbarara who say publication of their names on such a list amounts to defamation.

This comes days after a directive by Parliament for a probe into child prostitution in Mbarara as well as reports that there is a trade of sex which has recently emerged where men get hooked with females for sex through Facebook.

On Wednesday, the western youth MP, Mwine Mpaka raised a matter of national importance appealing to Parliament to come out and prevail over the increasing child prostitution in Mbarara.

He added that prostitution is an illegality according to the penal code act, article 136.

On the same note, Ruhinda North MP, Thomas Tayebwa asked parliament to compel government to as well investigate and take action against social media prostitution which is done through facebook page called “Sure Girls”

Now, Police in Mbarara has apprehended a man said to be behind the Facebook accounts.

The suspect has been identified as Derrick Tumuhirwe in his early 20s and a student at Mayanja Memorial Nursing School.

The suspect is detained at Mbarara CPS and will be charged on two accounts of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

It is alleged that Tumuhirwe generated a ‘Sure’ list of names and phone numbers. In recent days, the jargon ‘Sures’ has been used on social media to imply people who offer sex as a guarantee provided one is ready to part with a certain sum of money. The ‘Sure’ list by Tumuhirwe includes students, business persons, political leaders and married people.

Police spokesperson for Rwizi region, ASP Samson Kasasira confirmed the arrest.

He says the suspect was tracked by Mbarara Police from one of the suburbs of Mbarara.

ASP Kasasira says Tumuhirwe was arrested on Thursday after high profile business people and politicians in Mbarara reported cases of defaming their names.

“A number of people came to police and reported that someone is publishing their names and phones for sex on Facebook and other websites. As Police, we had to track this guy who is a student at Mayanja nursing hospital,” he said.

The Mayor of Mbarara municipality, Robert Kakyebezi together with renowned businessman, Balya Apollo of Balya Hardware also appeared on the list.

The suspect alleged that his colleague who is still at large operating a boutique in Rwebikona trading centre was the one providing him with names and the phone numbers.

Most of the complainants are clients to the said person (who operates a boutique) and they leave contacts while making orders, Tumuhirwe said..

“There is some other suspect who is on run whom Tumuhirwe claims was the one that gave him the names. We cannot leave this matter hanging we shall crack them down” Kasasira explained.

ASP Kasasira said some complainants were shocked to find their names listed and shared on social media with their contacts, as being part of the ‘Sures’ for sex.

“One list was in Big Eye website, others on different WhatsApp groups and Facebook yet those complaining don’t have any knowledge about the lists. But we are yet to find out the truth, ” he said.

“They claim to have never seen the accused and have never showed any interest for sex trades”.

Tumuhirwe claims that people have been making offers ranging from Shs 20,000 too Shs 30,000 depending on someone’s pockets.

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