Mesach: It Hurts that Stecia Left Golden Band But I Respect Her Decision

A previous photo of singers Mesach Semakula (L) and Stecia Mayanja. (Photo: Facebook)

Mesach Semakula has said he respects the tough decision by popular singer, Hajjat Stecia Mayanja to quit Golden Band, and that fans must do the same instead of judging her or the band.

This week, Stecia Mayanja known for her hits like ‘Kabalagala’, ‘Kantinti’ and ‘Equaliser’ announced that she had called it quits with the band where she had been among the lead singers.

Stecia was together with Catherine Kusasira, Mesach Semakula, Grace Sekamatte, Fred Seruga, Ronald Mayinja and Maurine Nantume part of the members that formed Golden Band after the split in the original Eagles Production band.

In her letter to the Management of Golden Band, Stecia said she had faced intense pressure, resistance and acts that demonstrated selfishness on the part of the Directors.

“I have never thought of leaving this band but the situation has forced me to,” she wrote, adding that despite her patience, sacrifices and efforts to resolve the problems internally, nothing seemed to change.

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Now, Mesach Semakula, one of the Directors of Golden band has responded to Stecia’s exit saying it hurts but that it deserves to be respected.

“We all at many times hold different visions, ambitions and objectives along our trail of life,” Mesach wrote.

“I have worked with Stecia for more than ten years and however much it hurts to watch her leave the band, I ought to respect her decisions and ambitions,” he added.

The ‘Njagala nga Bwendi’ singer says he congratulates Stecia and celebrates her accomplishments with the golden band.

He restrained himself from divulging into the details of what could have gone wrong and the allegations made by Stecia. Instead, he said the doors will always be open for her in the event that she changes her mind.

“To you our fans and supporters, I know you’re unhappy and presumably very disappointed but for respect, dignity, togetherness and harmony, let’s not attack one another, no matter how divergent we may at times be on what emanates on social media or in real life,” Semakula said.

He advised against using social media to spew judgments to the band or Stecia, but rather to help one another to move forward.

“I therefore appeal to fans and friends, stakeholders and all media platforms to welcome her decision with love and support and encourage her because we know that in a situation where you’ve just had a set back chasing your dreams or in cases where you may be rejected by someone you care about, always remember that things can turn around in an instant”.

Stecia said that her music career continues but that she will only work with those who are still looking for their dreams or goals to come true.

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