Ministry Of Health Disowns Guidelines on Offering Contraceptives to Adolescents

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng addressing the media (file photo)

The ministry of health has today disowned a booklet holding guidelines on the usage of contraceptives amongst the teenagers.

The book is titled “National guidelines and services standards for sexual and reproductive health and Rights.”

The Ministry’s response follows concern raised by Lamwo district Woman Member of Parliament, Lanyero Molly questioning how children aged 10 – 18 can be allowed to carry out abortion as laid in the guidelines and freely decide on usage of contraceptives.

She noted that arbotion is illegal in the country and that at the age as low as 10, the children’s mind is not yet equipped to make decisions on reproductive matters.

“Is the Ministry of Health now indirectly legalizing arbortion, are we trying to deny the unborn a chance to be born? There is need for us to interrogate this as legislators,” noted Lanyero.

However, the minister of health Jane Ruth Aceng disowned the book saying it is not an official outlet of the ministry as it bore no signatures of any of the ministers and said investigations are going on and that corrective measures will be taken in accordance with the law.

Lanyero referred to the booklet and its guidelines as selfish, ungodly and immoral. She wants government to withdraw it from circulation.

The book was meant to be launched last week at the ministry of health but was stopped by the minister for primary healthcare.

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