Mirinda Miss Teen Campaign Empowering Girls Whilst Exploring Creativity, Fashion

Kwerit Sarah (C) 2019 Miss Ambitious Nabisunsa Girls

The ongoing Mirinda Miss Teen campaign themed “Surprise and Be Surprised” has seen girls from different schools around Uganda take part and showcase their creative, ambitious and fashionable talent in a fun and positive way.

The Mirinda Miss Teens school tour that was launched in May has created a stage for girls aged 13 to 19 to participate in the different categories including Miss Teen, Miss Fashionista and Miss Ambitious whereby three individuals are selected per category for the overall winner, 1st position and 2nd position respectively.

The Tours that kicked off at Hana International on June 1, 2019 have seen schools take part including; Rubaga Girls, Seeta High School, St Peters Nsambya, and on a regional level, those in Masaka and Bushenyi have been covered.

The judges are looking out for; a girl who is beautiful inside and out, talented, fun, cultured and intelligent for the Miss Teens Category.

A girl who knows her career goals and how she can achieve them for the Miss Ambitious Category, and Miss Fashionista category looks out for a girl with a distinct fashion sense, one who can creatively put together an outfit using the material she is given.

Kwerit Sarah a student at Nabisunsa Girls, who scooped the Miss Ambitious title remarked,  “…I and my friends embarked on a project to tackle climate change as a way of preserving our environment through recycling plastic. We are working on a website which is yet to go live.”

While giving her verdict to one of the contestants at Nabisusnsa Girls on Sunday, Patience Aheebwa one of the judges remarked that “…we are looking for a girl who is confident, intelligent, and ambitious, through empowerment and being mentored.”

Tracy Kakuru, the Corporate Communications Manager at Century Bottling Ltd remarked that Mirinda Miss Teens is a confidence building platform for girls aged 13 to 19 years. The contest does not only seek for beauty, but a girl who her peers can look up to.

“A cash prize of up to Ugx10 Million will be rewarded in form of school fees for the different contestants, in addition 4 winners will travel to the best amusement park in the world, the destination will be revealed at the grand finale,” added Kakuru.

The grand finale will be held on September 7, where overall winners from different participating schools will battle amongst themselves for the prizes.

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