Movie Review: ‘Loving Tyra’; A Celebrated Artiste Falls in Love with a Conman


Loving Tyra is a new Ugandan movie depicting the life of a celebrated female recording artiste with everything including money, cars, talent and fame falling to her side except love.

In the movie, Tyra’s quest for love leads her to Mathias, a conman who is out hunting for his next con victim and with her weak emotions, pressure from fans and the media, the girl falls for everything from Mathias.

As Tyra records her soon to be top hit single, Michelle is stunned when her brother Allan and his friend Mathias break out of prison and seek refuge at her home but they soon set their focus on Tyra, a gorgeous and successful artiste.

Following their big escape, Mathias and Allan seek to convince Michelle to lend a hand towards their con on Tyra but in the background, detective Tom continues to hunt them down and is only a step behind.

Meanwhile, there comes Bunny, a celebrity reporter does not make life any better for Tyra but her life gets messed up after a controversial story about the first daughter on her show.

For Mathias and Allan’s hide and seek games with law soon come to an end as detective Tom finally gets them.

However, the duo’s troubles escalade as Tyra’s assistant, Mel steps in to take charge of whatever business Mathias  has with Tyra but Mel soon finds out who Mathias and Allan  truly are and she devastates Tyra with the truth.

Heart-broken and enraged, Tyra takes some desperate decisions following the blow about the identity of and she hits the studio to convey her heart-felt mixed feelings toward the fleeing Mathias.

Meanwhile, Tyra gets into war with her assistant, Mel whose artiste; Courtney records her first single that in the end becomes a nightmare.

The 26 episodes of the movie are currently showing on Pearl Magic the flagship channel dedicated for Ugandan movies on DStv and GOtv.


Vivian Kaitesi, who acts as Tyra is a Ugandan singer, model and actress and has appeared in several Hit Films and television productions including Daymage in 2016, the Hustle (2017), the Game Tv series (2017) and Pretending to be fine (2014) among others.

She has also appeared in several videos as a vixen/model.

Despite her young age, Vivian’s ability to blend in multiple persons and characters whereas her entertainment background has been recognized by the Uganda Film Festival, Pearl International Film Festival with numerous recognitions.

Born in Rwentuha, in Western Uganda in 1998, Kaitesi studied at  St. Joseph Namagunga and is still pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation.

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