MPs Condemn Gen Tumwine for Publicly Rebuking Gen Angina

Security Minister, Gen Elly Tumwine appearing before the Parliament committee recently

A section of Members of Parliament have expressed displeasure over the manner in which the Minister of Security, Gen Elly Tumwine openly rebuked the Deputy Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.

Last Friday, a video made rounds on social media in which Gen Tumwine faced off with Angina accusing him of using the army to fight personal disputes. It stemmed from a demolition of a wall belonging to City businessman Geoffrey Kirumira in Muyenga on orders of Gen Angina.

Tumwine condemned the actions by Angina, noting that the national army should never be dragged into personal wrangles.

“This is a small matter. It could have been sorted amicably. Where are the KCCA lettters? Do not abuse the forces. Why did you bring the army in the night if you knew what you are doing is right? Why not during the day? Why do you evict people in the night?” -Gen Tumwine asked Angina and ordered the soldiers to immediately withdraw.

A section of the public blamed Tumwine for publicly attacking Angina who never said a word in return while others commended him for taking action against General Angina who they described as errant and pretentious before his bosses and members of the public while harassing civilians away from the public eye.

A lady in the video that went viral is heard saying Gen Angina stormed the place with soldiers in the wee hours of the night and chased staff of a guarding company that were taking care of the place

While raising a matter of National Importance in Parliament on Thursday, Kasilo County MP, Elijah Okupa said the tone and language used by Tumwine was humiliating. Okupa wondered why Tumwine could not summon Angina to his office and resolve the matter without insulting him publicly.

“The Minister told Angina that ‘Don’t bring this behavior to our army’. Doesn’t Angina belong to the army? Are there two armies? It was embarrassing for the General to humiliate Angina, I pray the commander in chief takes action,” Okupa said.

Okupa added that this isn’t the first time Tumwine has misbehaved before the public.

“You remember he tried to box Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, and almost beat up Cecilia Ogwal, his conduct is a matter of national concern. The Commander in Chief should take action on conduct of General Tumwine,” Okupa noted.

Okupa’s submission was however challenged by the UPDF Representative in Parliament, Gen. Pecos Kutesa who noted that by questioning the conduct of the army officials, the MPs would be overstepping their mandate.

Kutesa said, “What I am holding is the military doctrine, any institution has its way of doing its work and the mandate why it is there. When civilians start telling soldiers how they should behave, I think they have overstepped their mandate. What concern has this House about the conduct of UPDF? What is his mandate? I want an explanation.”

His response caused reactions from Members of the House including the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga who assured Kutesa that the conduct of any Government official is of concern to the members of the society who the legislators represent.

Ngora Woman MP, Jacquiline Amongin noted that it would be unwise for Parliament to just look on as soldiers humiliate each other before the public.

However, UPDF Representative in Parliament, Flavia Byekwaso noted that Angina was being accused of deploying soldiers at 3am to a private property, something she said was outside the mandate of UPDF.

Kadaga ruled that the House would not take any decision on the matter without enough facts on what transpired.

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