MPs Exchange Fists over Age Limit


Arua Municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga and Ayivu county MP, Bernard Atiku have exchanged fists alleged over Age limit

This happened in the afternoon at the Parliament stairs at the southern wing.

It is said that Abiriga insulted Atiku by calling him stupid and the latter became emotional.

“That guy is stupid, he told the youth that Hon. Anite and I are not West Nilers, that we are from Congo,” Abiriga told colleagues.

Atiku heard but chose to neglect him, he (Atiku) approached Hon. Abala for a chat.

At this time, Abiriga cautioned Abala not to chat with Atiku “since he is stupid.”

This angered Atiku who threatened to beat up Abiriga. Abiriga moved fast attacking Atiku who at once punched him.

This caused a serious fight that was stopped by the intervention of other MPs and parliament police.


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