MPs Moot Motion to Censure Kiwanda Over ‘Miss Curvy’ Campaign

Minister Kiwanda poses with ladies during the launch of Miss Curvy beauty pageant.

Ayivu County Member of Parliament and the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Children, Benard Atiku has revealed plans to move a motion to have the Minister of State for Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda censured.

The move, he said, follows the Minister’s ‘dehumanizing’ campaign of parading women as objects of tourists attraction.

Early this week, the Minister launched a pageant dubbed ‘Miss Curvy’ which will see the most sexy and curvaceous women selected and crowned later in the year.

During the launch, Kiwanda said that the sexy and curvy women are among the many items Uganda can use to attract tourists in the country.

“We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?” Kiwanda said on Tuesday.

On Thursday, while addressing the media at Parliament, Atiku condemned the campaign noting that it is going to increase moral decadence as women will be looked at as sex objects.

Atiku thus demanded that the Minister cancels the event and apologizes to the nation, failure of which MPs will present a motion before Parliament next week demanding for his resignation.

“We know people take advantage of these kind of events, the videos and pictures that are uploaded on internet are downloaded for money, is that the kind of exploitation we want to promote were oir women ate going to be exploited for individual benefits disguising as an activity that will promote tourism!” Atiku wondered.

He added that whatever campaign to be run should not be seen to demean the sexuality of Ugandans either male or female.

On the same hand, the chairperson of Uganda Women Parliamentary association chairperson Pamela Kamugo Asiyo also expressed dismay and condemned minister Kiwanda stating that he is using the daughters and mothers of the land as object of tourism attraction which she termed as an understatement, dehumanizing and abuse of human dignity.

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