West Nile MPs Threaten to Leave Uganda Should Mafia Kill Anite

MPs from West Nile addressing reporters at Parliament on Tuesday.

Legislators from West Nile under the West Nile Parliamentary Group have vowed to rally people from West Nile to “leave Uganda and return to DRC” should the Minister of State for Privatization and Investment, Evelyn Anite lose her life to the so-called mafias.

It follows allegations raised by Minister Anite during a news conference on Monday where she said the mafias are threatening her life.

She noted that her life is under threat ever since she came out demanding for audit into the Uganda Telecommunication Limited (UTL) company which is under receivership by the government Administrator.

Anite alleged that, “There is a cartel that is used to intimidating and robbing this country, they are yet again plotting a move to kill me, they have been holding meetings in various offices at Kampala Club, in the offices of Uganda Registration Services Bureau.”

The West Nile MPs led by the group Chairman, Lawrence Biyika Songa told the media at Parliament that the threats against the Minister should not be taken lightly and should be quickly addressed by the government relevant authorities.

“Arising from the gruesome murder of the late Hon. Abiriga whose death remains unaccounted for todate, our attention is drawn to similar death threats to Hon. Anite Evelyn in relation to her demand for accountability at UTL,” Biyika said.

Biyika said that as legislators from West Nile region and in light of the allegations, they demand an explanation from government on the threats to Anite’s life.

They demanded that government pronounces itself on Anite’s security and assures the country and the anxious people of West Nile on her safety. The group also wants government to formally communicate to Ugandans on state of affairs in UTL and status of UTL assets.

“Government should come out and guarantee that no Ugandan irrespective of their tribe and affiliation should be vindicated and witch hunted when performing their duties including demanding accountability,” Biyika said.

The MPs have also asked the Minister of ICT, Police and UCC to investigate and report on phone tapping, poison threats and trailing allegations raised by Anite.

Anite told reporters that a group of individuals are tapping her phone calls. She said that she was aware that the same elements had obtained her call records from MTN Uganda.

On the same note, the group Vice Chairperson, Alioni Odria threatened that should anything happen to Anite, the members shall resign from Parliament and pick their people and leave Uganda.

“We are ready to resign if Anite’s life follows that of Abiriga, we are ready to leave this Parliament, walk back to our people who have assigned us to represent them, leave this country and see how we are to return.”

Asked where they will go, Odria said that, “We shall go back to were we came from, that is Congo and we still have relatives there, they will not reject us, they will welcome us.”

Odria noted that this is not about sectarianism but that the West Nilers will take on the mafia since they are strong warriors.

“We from West Nile always stand for the truth, we shall not be in this government and keep quiet on wrong things; if there are mafia, we from West Nile are warriors, so mafia will face warriors,” Odria noted.

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