MTN Unveils International Data Roaming Bundles to Ease Communication

MTN Uganda's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Olivier Prentout.

MTN Uganda customers can now access uninterrupted communication services when travelling after the telecom giant unveiled international data roaming bundles.

The bundled offers allow customers to select voice, SMS and data bundles thus enabling better access to communication for those outside Uganda.
MTN Uganda said in a statement that the new service will allow travellers load bundled offers for voice, SMS and data to access the same communication services abroad just as they did when at home in Uganda.   

“Our customers travelling overseas did not have international data roaming bundles for voice, SMS and data which forced them to use alternative service providers in the diaspora,” MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Olivier Prentout, said.

“With the launch of this new innovative international roaming bundle, we believe this offer will provide uninterrupted communication access regardless of where they travel to” said Prentout.  

The new data roaming bundles will offer a great way to reduce communication costs by enabling one have their mobile phone active (voice, data, text), he added.

“By using the international roaming bundles, one is able to stay in touch with friends and family while overseas, and also means that you won’t miss important calls from clients as they can still reach you on your known mobile phone number while also accessing internet services as it were when in Uganda. This means one doesn’t have to purchase a new sim card and internet services” he said.

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