Mugabe and Wife Grace Sacked by Ruling ZANU-PF Party


Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF has Sunday removed troubled President Robert Mugabe from the party leadership in a new twist since the army took control of the country on Wednesday last week

Reports say Mugabe’s Chairmanship was withdrawn by his party members and replaced by his former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

His 52-year-old wife Grace has also been expelled from the party, according to the BBC.

The move follows mounting pressure from the party to step down accusing 93-year-old Mugabe of sidelining the freedom fighters that brought him to power in favour of his wife Grace Mugabe.

It was however until Mugabe sacked his deputy President Mnangagwa that prompted fury within the military, resulting into a power seizure that saw the President confined in his home for several days.

However, although Mugabe has been dropped by his party, e technically remains as President of the country.

Negotiations have been ongoing trying to persuade Mugabe to step down but the three decade ruler is known to be stubborn and determined to cling on. Reports have said that the process has been derailed by his demands for safety guarantees for his wife and family.

Mugabe is set to meet military leaders on Sunday and a motorcade has been seen leaving his private residence.

Due to appeals from the African Union (A.U) and international community, the military in Zimbabwe has been cautious against grabbing power without the due constitutional process. A parliamentary process to have Mugabe impeached could take days.

Crowds in Harare could be seen dancing upon hearing the news of Mugabe’s removal from his party’s leadership.

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