Mukula Advises Parliament to Cease Probe into Kadaga, Namuganza Feud

NRM Eastern Region Chairperson, Captain Michael Mukula appearing before the committee

NRM Eastern Region chairperson, Captain Michael Mukula has advised the Parliamentary Rules and Disciplinary Committee to withdraw from investigating the wrangles between speaker Rebecca Kadaga and state Minister for Land, Persis Namuganza.

Mukula told the committee that the matter causing fights between the two is being handled by President Yoweri Museveni.

He further said the act of the committee to investigate the matter could escalate more personal conflicts in the region of Busoga.

“The investigations by the committee on the matter will escalate more personal conflicts in the region of Busoga,” Mukula said.

Mukula also adds that issues concerning culture or politics should be left to cultural leaders and the top political head of NRM since the conflicting parties belong to NRM.

“To subject number three in the country and number one in this institution to appear before this committee and to the public glare to answer questions that can be raised by any MP, you will be subjecting the Speaker to a lot of embarrassment and ridicule,” Mukula said.

Mukula said that the country’s Parliament is already tainted with a wrong image following the manner in which the recent age limit debate was handled, adding that the ongoing investigations will affect the country more.

“In order to save the country and Parliament’s image and not escalating the matter, let’s us leave the party and the President to address the issue. I thus request you to meet with the President.”

This prompted the committee Chairperson, Clement Obote to adjourn the meeting and ruled that they will write a letter to the president and seek his audience on this matter, as soon as possible.

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