Museveni Donates Shs 20M to PWDs SACCO in Ntungamo

Lt Col Edith Nakalema (L) speaking at the event.

President Yoweri Museveni has delivered Shs 20m to support the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) SACCO in Ntungamo district.

The financial support was delivered on Friday during the SACCO’s fundraising held at Ntungamo municipality grounds. It was presided over by Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the Head of Anti-corruption Unit in the country.

The SACCO was started by Privah Nsasiirwe, a PWDs’ representative at the municipality with an aim of creating a self-sustaining organization of financially empowered people with disabilities. It also seeks to ensure the PWDs enjoy equal opportunities as the rest of the society.

“This SACCO is to better the social economic welfare of people with disabilities in Ntungamo municipality regardless of gender, age, disability through advocacy, networking capacity building and model service provision,” Nsasiirwe explained at the event.

The Chairperson also revealed that the Sacco was created from different groups of PWDs from three divisions of Ntungamo municipality.

It currently has a membership of 75 persons and each of the members contributes Shs 232,800.

“Our savings are still low and I call upon the members to save as much as possible for the future,” said Nsasiirwe.

She asked government to increase on the special grant for PWDs in the country.

“The special grant for PWDs is still less and we call upon the government to increase as the disability rate is very high today. You are okay today, tomorrow you are disabled, we are all candidates” said Nsasiirwe.

Edson Irabakunzi, the Chief Executive Officer National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIP) said Ntungamo alone has a total of 40,000 out of 4,883,841 population.

“We are here launching this SACCO of people with disabilities in Ntungamo district. Because it’s one of the models of empowering persons with disabilities in Uganda” said Irabakunzi.

He revealed that Uganda has over 1,200 Saccos out of which 30,000 owned by individuals.

“We are sure that this SACCO can work as long as it is supported to build their capacity to have clear regulations. And it’s a good model to look at the lives of marginalized people in communities,” Irabakunzi said

Lt Edith Nakalema encouraged SACCO members to work hard and focus on loan payments and savings for the entity’s growth.

“It’s your hard commitment and positive attitude towards nation building that will guarantee the survival of this SACCO”.

“You realize that there are many SACCOs that start with a lot of enthusiasm but they never realize their first anniversary because members like borrowing but don’t pay. So, you need to have good discipline. Therefore, leaders of this SACCO, you are charged to bear that challenge in mind,” said Nakalema.

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